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Captain Jack's Monkey says ----

Well Guys,

I've already written this once but Telstra decided to heavily censor me by eating the entire dissertation. So here we go and write it all again, hope I can remember it all a second time.

It was a very tricky, very variable and very light ENE breeze today. As is the case recently we had two new competitors out enjoying the close racing today, Ron Fawcett in his red Goth and Don Grainger in his not so red Pikanto. Ian McDonald was also back carrying the flag today.

Ross was blooding his new Pop Gun that he bought from the Wynnum Manly fleet and after he started getting the feel of it later in the day he became positive threat. The course varied the ESE windward buoy to the Easterly windward buoy as well as using the SE bottom gate before moving to the Westerly leeward buoy. We continued to use the SE starting line as it gave us a better windward work. The line was biased to to leeward end and most starts became a race to the leeward buoy and then tack on to Port to get the Windward mark first. The Monkey seemed to get more than his fair share of leeward end starts and this contributed to his overall performance on the day.

We had four different race winners on the day in Doug, Ross, Commodore Russell and the Monkey. Ron Fawcett also covered himself in glory by getting two second places during the day. Doug as usual was late and missed the first race putting him behind the eight ball for the rest of the day. Commodore Russell started the day on fire and was fighting for first place after 5 races. It was around about then that Doug and Ross started coming to the fore and turned around the Commodores fortunes.

As I was saying earlier, the Monkey was getting more than his fair share of leeward end starts and this contributed greatly to the Monkeys success on the day because being at the Northern end and tacking onto Port first almost guaranteed the competitor to get to the Windward mark first. As the saying goes, the harder you work, the harder you try the luckier you get and the Monkey had more than his fair share of arsey luck.

At the end of the day Doug overcame his tardy start to hold off Commodore Russell to finish second while Russell managed to pip Ross by one further point. Bill Heritage unfortunately had an electrical problem which put him out of the running early. Everybody left the day happy with the racing which was close, clean and most importantly enjoyable.

Next week is a club day so bring your two light beers and a deck chair. Again, I am happy to take some time with anybody who feels they need any help with boat tuning, boat set-up and tactical advice during the races.

So to the results. The Monkey was on fire today and for whatever reason the racing Gods were smiling on him. Everything he touched seemed to turn to Gold. This left Doug to get the Silver and Russell the Bronze. Next Saturday we are going to have a meeting to discuss the Wind-up of the Eddie Cowell Regatta and what we should aim at for next year.


1st   Captain's Monkey       12 pts
2nd  Tardy Doug                27 pts
3rd   Commodore Russell    35 pts

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