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4 /5 JUNE 2016
(This is an ARYA Ranking Event)


SAT 4 June 2016:
    0800 - 0930        Registration and regatta check measure;
    0945            Briefing
    1000            Racing commences; and
    1630            End of days racing.

SUN 5 June 2016:
    0945            Briefing
    1000            Racing commences;
    1500            End of days racing; and
    1515            Presentation of trophies.

The championship will be conducted by the Paradise Radio Yacht Club (PRYC) at Emerald Lakes on the Gold Coast. Map reference UBD 38 H 13

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Captain Jack says


Housekeeping before I forget.  Fees are due. Absolute last day is May 31st. After that you are like the Parrammatta Eels. You lose all your competition points to date and no getting them back. Also removed from the mailing list. It can be done by netbanking now. Bill has sent details around.

Twilight bowls. Thursday week  19th May 4:30pm start. Lets make a social afternoon and bring wives girlfriends etc. We should show support for our sponsors. Stay for dinner afterwards. Was good fun last time.

Okay down to businesss. Todays winner was Col Clark.  He didn’t even compete in 2 races so that is a tremendous effort.  Should have asked another $500 for that Pikanto.He just pipped Russell with Nick a little further back in third. Only 2 points between 1st and 4th.  Not bad.

Ian , it took Col a while, keep working at it.



Second   Russell Garry  22

Third        Nic Linsley        23


We had a new member today. Unfortunately he had a spiral drum and 2 springs  on his winch and it jammed on him. Unfortunately got into the teeth so not an easy fix. However we hope to see Chris again next week.

Nice to see we have a good fleet entered in the Qld Championships. . Should be a good weekend . Remember earn the respect of your fellow competitors.

Last chance for me to spruik a rule.

18.3   Tacking inside the zone.

The boat that changed tack..

(b)  shall give mark room if the other boat becomes overlapped inside her.

This should be read in conjunction with Definition of mark room as well as rule 21.

21 Exoneration

When a boat sailing in the room or markroom to which she is entitled under a rule of section C (marks and obstructions),  she shall be exonerated if,  in an incident with a boat required to give her that room or mark room

(a)    she breaks a rule of Section A (Rules 10,11,12,13),rule 15 or rule 16 or

(b)   she is compelled to break rule 31 (Touching a mark)

The book is available there are some good diagrammatic examples on page 47.

Basically the best way to negate a port tacker is to go under them. They must let you have room . You are exonerated in the event of a collision or touching the buoy.

This could be very handy in the Qld titles. But don’t take my word for it borrow the book and familiarise yourself with the rule.

Maybe this is my last column. Over to Capn Jack next week.



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Jeff Byerley designed and built Cracka, a one off done for me. Comes a,b,c rigs with aaparts fittings. RMG winch and touch switch, Batteries.
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